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'Qué cuatro dias..., ha sido una experiencia disfrutar la finca. Es todo precioso, decorado con un gusto exquisito, tanto los jardines como las habitaciones; y no digamos el entorno en el que está emplazado.... '


Services - Hiking

pictureHiking from the Estate

The property is located just on the outskirts of the Anaga Mountain Range and it is an ideal place to start on hiking routes. In the immediate surroundings you can find various hiking routes through the mountains, some that will even lead you to the ocean. One can begin these hikes from the Estate, the village of Pedro Alvarez and the close by village of Tegueste or simply take a walk through the boundary of El Roque.

pictureHiking in the Anaga National Park

The Anaga is the ideal place for hiking due to its’ multiple trails that cover peaks, riverbanks, forests, country houses and villages, some of which lead to the ocean. What stands out in particular is the dense green blanket that covers the mountains. This is the Laurisilva forest, native to the islands, and that dates back to the Cenazoic Era. For your convenience there are maps and information on the routes in the house